Control your smart lighting for energy saving, elegance and comfort

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You can enjoy the comfort of smart lighting in one room or in your whole house.

By using timers, dimmers, motion and illumination sensors in smart lighting system, you can increase your comfort, significantly decrease your energy costs and increase efficiency of your security system.

By setting your home entrance scenario to day and night mode, you can make your home welcome you and with exit scenario, you can leave the house without checking each light at home.

Your outdoor illumination can be turned on and off in sunset and sunrise based on astronomic time.

When your smart home automation and security system work in a harmony, lights will turn on and off when an unauthorised entrance is sensed. This way, you will be notified about abnormal activities. Also, when you are away from home, you can turn your smart lighting on as if you are at home.

You can create illumination scenario to emphasise landscape architecture of your garden.

You can control your smart lighting system with audio commands with devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. When you have bags in your hand, you can command Amazon Alexa and Google Home to turn on the lightings. Or when you can command Amazon Alexa and Google Home to set lights of dining hall to 40% and change your mood. Amazon Alexa or Google Home will work perfectly with your smart home automation system.

If you want, you can manage all your illumination and other controls by using the keypads mounted on your wall that will fit your interior design.

Smart lighting system is limited with your imagination...