Middle Atlantic: The Reliable Backbone of Integrated AV Systems

Since 1979, Middle Atlantic Products has been manufacturing essential support and protection products for mounting integrated AV systems in Residential, Commercial, Broadcast, and Security applications. As a part of Legrand, North America's Commercial AV division, this company designs and engineers each product to maximize system reliability. Middle Atlantic’s offerings cater to a broad spectrum of challenges faced by installers, from thermal considerations to built-in cable management solutions. The company focuses on innovations that make tasks easier and more time-efficient, such as pre-installed washers on rack screws.

Middle Atlantic Products at the Heart of Every Installation

Middle Atlantic not only designs its products to be functional but also to simplify and expedite the installation process. At the heart of every installation are the company’s rack units, cable management systems, and other AV support equipment. These products offer both an aesthetically pleasing appearance and long-lasting, reliable performance. Middle Atlantic’s innovative approach ensures that AV systems meet today's needs while considering future advancements. The company maintains its industry-leading position by offering customizable and flexible solutions tailored to each customer's requirements.