SunBriteTV: Redefining Outdoor Entertainment

Access Networks began its journey in response to a growing market trend and has since transformed into one of SunBriteTV offers engineering marvels of TVs, specifically designed and built for outdoor conditions, redefining the concept of outdoor entertainment. For those who enjoy watching television in the open air, SunBriteTV provides a unique experience.

True All-Weather TVs

SunBriteTV's LED-LCD TVs offer real solutions that are durable in all weather conditions. These TVs perform exceptionally well against all outdoor challenges, from bright sunlight to rain, extreme temperatures to dust and insects. Their ultra-bright screens deliver excellent image quality even outdoors.

Durability and Aesthetic Design

SunBriteTV has proven its durability even in the harshest climates of North America. Its design, which combines aesthetics and functionality, harmoniously fits into any outdoor setting.

A First in History: SunBriteTV

In 2004, the founders of SunBriteTV set out to solve a common problem faced by sports enthusiasts: being able to watch their favorite sports events while spending time outdoors. Stemming from this need, they created the world's first real outdoor television, usable even in the rain.

SunBriteTV’s can be easily integrated with smart home automation systems. This integration allows control of home automation features such as lighting, curtain management, and climate control, all through the interface of your TV.