Meet the 4K HD Viewing Experience: Every Room a Cinema Hall

video distribution

Transform every room in your home into a cinematic experience with centralized distribution of 4K high-definition content. Say goodbye to cluttered cables and multiple devices—our smart home automation unites all your remote controls into one smart device, simplifying your multimedia usage across the board.

Universal Access: Single-Source Image Distribution to All Rooms

Our multi-room image distribution system allows the whole family to enjoy the same movie together or lets each person follow their preferred content in their own space. Watch your favorite cooking shows in the kitchen while preparing meals, educational content in the children's room, and live sports in the living room—all in stunning high resolution.

Smart Control for Maximum Convenience

Bid farewell to a pile of remote controls. With just one tap, manage all the multimedia systems in your home. Content from HDMI-supported devices is delivered in crystal-clear 4K HD resolution, turning each room into an entertainment hub.

Transform Your Home with a Centralized 4K HD Image Distribution System

Redefine your home entertainment with a single centralized system that delivers content from various HDMI sources such as satellite boxes, Apple TV, media players, Blu-ray/DVD players, and gaming consoles directly to any TV in your home in 4K HD quality. Enjoy the highest resolution viewing of movies, series, or live broadcasts in any room without the need for wires or separate devices.