Innovative Audio Technologies for Music Enthusiasts: The Story of Bluesound

Bluesound is dedicated to providing a high-quality, wireless sound experience. Their wireless network ecosystem supports up to 64 players, enabling simultaneous playback of various music streams.

Distinct from typical computer companies, Bluesound offers studio-master-quality sound compatible with various digital formats including MP3 and MQA.

Bluesound grants instant access to a wide range of music sources, including internet radio, high-resolution track downloads, or CD library management.

High-Resolution Sound Revolution: Merging Art and Technology

Founded by audiophiles, designers, engineers, and music industry experts, Bluesound prioritizes flawless sound quality, advancing digital sound to new heights with 24-bit high-resolution digital audio.

Passionate about musical detail, texture, and volume, Bluesound faithfully reproduces music true to the artist and art form, enhancing listeners' music libraries with internet radio and online streaming services.

Highlighting that high-resolution sound isn't just for audiophiles, Bluesound aims to make this quality of sound more accessible and enjoyable for a broader audience.