Rhombus Europe: Redefining Elegance and Functionality in Electrical Devices

Established in 2014 by experienced entrepreneurs Mr. Ivaylo Kateliev (CEO) and Mr. Veselin Valev (CTO), Rhombus Europe rapidly became one of the leading firms in Europe in the development and production of high-quality peripheral electrical devices. Based in Varna, Bulgaria, the company boasts a global presence with over 150 partners across five continents.

Innovative and Customized Solutions

Rhombus Europe specializes in custom switches and sockets that uniquely reflect the interior of each space. Its product range extends from advanced video surveillance systems to access control solutions, integrated with cutting-edge technologies like Modbus, KNX, Cresnet, and Dry Contact. The functionality of these innovations is evident in their keypads, capable of integrating into Crestron Home networks via the Cresnet chipset.

A Record of Excellence

Rhombus Europe's journey is marked by significant achievements, including the launch of the MONOBLOCK and GRIFFIN collections in 2015. Its portfolio includes prestigious projects like HOTEL CRILLON in Paris and KEMPINSKI PLAM JUMEIRAH in Dubai, and more recently, iconic projects like Hotel Casa CIPRIANI in Italy and the Andromeda Yacht.

Blending technology and design, Rhombus Europe offers not just products, but lifestyle enhancements. Focused on sustainability, innovative design, and customer-centric solutions, Rhombus Europe has become synonymous with luxury and efficiency.