C’SEED: Where Technology Meets Art

C’SEED Entertainment Systems, blending modern technology with art, has made a name for itself in the luxury electronics field. Minimalist design and superior craftsmanship are fundamental elements of their products. Founded in 2009 under the leadership of Alexander Swatek and with contributions from former Bang & Olufsen executives Jakob Odgaard and Jorn Sterup, this award-winning company is based in Vienna, Austria, and has a branch office and showroom in Los Angeles, California.

Alexander Swatek, the founder and CEO, brings nearly 20 years of professional display experience to the company's development. Constantly pursuing innovative ideas and improvements in today's tech world, Swatek has proven his innovative spirit in the display technology field with more than ten patent applications. He also continues to contribute to the industry through partnerships and board memberships in other technology companies.

The New Address of Luxury: C’SEED Entertainment Systems

Technical Director Bernhard Schuh, who graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in 2005, began his career in technology and production. Gaining experience in technical sales and business development, Schuh plays a significant role in developing C’SEED's high-quality products. His interest in A/V technologies and collaborations with industrial automation companies enhance the quality of the solutions produced by the company.

C’SEED: The Harmony of Innovative Design and Superior Craftsmanship

C’SEED Entertainment Systems demonstrates that electronic devices are not just functional gadgets but can also be works of art that contribute to the aesthetics of living spaces. This approach has become a distinguishing feature in the luxury electronics sector.