Purpose and Product Development

Kordz was established with the aim of consistently making professionals look good. Specializing in the production of durable and functional connectivity products for AV (Audio and Visual) systems, the company has rapidly grown in this field. Kordz's products have been used in many innovative projects worldwide and have won multiple CEDIA awards.

Founded in 2003, Kordz emerged from the need for functional connectivity products specifically designed for professional AV installations. The company focuses on developing innovative and user-centric products, prioritizing functionality over aesthetics.

Global Impact and Industry Relations

Kordz is the most popular connectivity product provider in Australia and its products have been utilized in many leading projects globally. The company aids in building a reliable relationship between system technicians and integrators, offering trustworthy products that ensure uninterrupted connectivity for industry partners. Kordz continues to transform the way AV integration is done worldwide, alongside evolving technologies.