Nexgentec's Founding and Its First Product: MCP4K

Founded in 2015, Nexgentec emerged to fill a gap in high-end marine and residential markets with suitable interfaces. Their first product, MCP4K, received significant attention upon release, advancing Dante audio-over-IP solutions to a new level.

Nexgentec's Continuous Innovation and User-Centric Approach

Since its inception, Nexgentec has continually developed more efficient solutions in application, system design, size, and energy consumption. They guarantee the best digital sound quality, providing an unparalleled user experience. Their features are fully controllable and customizable through proprietary software modules, making them adaptable for any equipment in every zone.

Today, Nexgentec has become indispensable in its niche market, recognized by most shipyards and technology consultants, and installed by all the main integrators in Europe.