Vantage: 25 Years of Expertise in Luxury Lighting Control and Automation

Over the past 25 years, Vantage has developed a deep expertise and innovative history in luxury lighting control and automation. As part of Legrand, a global leader in electrical and electronic systems and listed in Forbes magazine's Top 100 Most Innovative Companies, Vantage offers specially designed control and automation solutions for luxury spaces.

Vantage provides a wide range of solutions from boardrooms to boutiques, homes to hotels. The company's offerings include systems that simplify complexity, are scalable, and future-ready. Unique user interface experiences are brought to life through a single software design and programming tool. Vantage offers the unique perspective and expertise necessary to meet the most challenging control and automation project demands.

Shaping the Future of Lighting Control and Automation with Vantage Solutions

With innovative approaches and customizable solutions, Vantage is a leading name in the field of luxury lighting control and automation. Tailored to the needs of its customers, these solutions make living spaces smarter and more comfortable while keeping pace with technological advancements. With Vantage, achieve excellence in your lighting control and automation projects.