The Innovative Sound of the Pacific Northwest: Audio Control

The Pacific Northwest is globally recognized as a haven for music and technology. This region is known for its innovative approaches and "cool" sounds. As an integral part of this unique atmosphere, Audio Control boasts a 35-year history. Their long and successful history of designing and building superior quality audio equipment from scratch highlights the company's leading position in the industry.

Transforming Lives with the Power of Sound: The Experts at Audio Control

Audio Control is neither too big nor too small; it's a company of just the right scale. This dynamic structure is filled with obsessive audio experts and some of the best engineers in the field. This team believes in the power of sound and continues to work with this belief. For them, great sound is not just a background element; it can also elevate your mood, create happiness, and make you smile without even realizing it. Audio Control invites people to experience the magic of sound, potentially changing their perspectives and even their lives.