GVS: Pioneering Building Intelligence in China

GVS, a leading high-tech enterprise based in China, specializes in building intelligence. Founded in 1999 with a focus on video intercom R&D, the company has evolved into a global provider of smart home systems and building intercom products. As a KNX member since 2008, GVS transitioned into the building intelligence sector, went public in 2017, and was listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange in 2023. Recognized by numerous awards, GVS stands out for its innovative products and extensive experience in KNX bus products. The company is committed to sustainable development, adhering to ESG principles.

Shaping Smart Living with Cutting-Edge Technology

GVS is a premier high-tech company from China offering comprehensive solutions for intelligent homes and commercial spaces. With a broad range of products in smart home systems, smart lighting, and video intercom systems, GVS has been a key player in this field for over two decades. Boasting over 15 years of expertise in KNX bus technology, the company ensures the quality of its products through green factories and professional laboratories that comply with international standards. GVS's corporate values include innovation, professionalism, and mutual benefit, with a vision to make life smart and simple.