Access Networks: Revolutionary Network Solutions for Homes and Businesses

Access Networks began its journey in response to a growing market trend and has since transformed into one of America's leading managed network service providers. The story started in 2002 when founder Hagai Feiner began serving the technology needs of businesses in Los Angeles County. Feiner identified a burgeoning trend: corporate clients wanted robust network solutions not just in their offices but also in their homes. In response, Access Networks was officially established in 2003.

Enterprise-Level Network Services

Access Networks enhanced customer experiences significantly by implementing enterprise-level network solutions in homes. This enabled all other aspects of technology to function seamlessly. The company, working closely with specialized integration firms, developed solutions that balanced powerful features with ease of use.

Nationwide Growth and Partnership with Snap One

By 2010, the company had expanded its national dealer base to hundreds of accounts. In 2021, Access Networks was acquired by Snap One, broadening its network portfolio with new products and managed services including system design, configuration, monitoring, and support. This partnership also allowed the company to extend its network solutions to a wider range of commercial settings.

Current Status and Future Vision

Today, Access Networks is a market leader in providing enterprise-level network solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. The company aims to deliver the best possible user experience. The goal of Access Networks is to make networks so efficient and flawless that their presence is barely noticeable, thus seamlessly supporting the technology in the environment.

Access Networks continues to grow and reinforce its position as a leader in network solutions, thanks to its innovative approach and customer-centric services.