With An Automation System, Welcome Your Customers At Your Commercial Room Flawlessly For Having A Productive Meeting

commercial meeting room automation

You can welcome your customers at your commercial areas and meeting rooms flawlessly by arranging lightning, music, ambience temperature.

In the beginning, smart lights will be switched on by one button, motorized shades and room temperature will be managed, music will start. The televisions or projection devices will be arranged to the intended visual source automatically.

It is possible to switch to presentation or video conference mode during the meeting via one button thanks to preset scenarios, even all these changes on multi-systems seem very complicated.

With finish scenario, you can switch off everything via one button and you can be sure that nothing is left on within the commercial areas.

You can start all these scenarios via touch screen on your desk. This touch screen does not only activate automation scenarios, also gives opportunity to use each device or system through their own special screens.

In addition, these elegant touch screens on desktop and well performed smart home automation system will be a complementary part of a stylish meeting room.

Easy Management in Conference Rooms as Well

In meeting rooms, there is a need to run more complicated and integrated systems and devices and to meet the demand of visual, audio and ambiance mode changes quickly. And the only reasonable solution to this need is a well-established automation system which gives importance to the speed and stability.