Bir Video Dağıtım Sistemine sahip olmak, evinizin her yerinde en yüksek kalitede görüntülerin keyfini çıkarmak anlamına gelir

video distribution

Enjoy 4K high resolution visuals distributed from single centre to every room without excessive TV cables and recurring source devices for each room. You also can replace tons of remote controls with a smart remote control thanks to smart home automation system. Otherwise, you need to have separate TV console and different entertainment package membership for each TV broadcast to equip each room with separate source devices.

With a video distribution systems, everyone can enjoy the same movie or everyone can watch different video streams of their favourite shows. It is possible to watch recipes in the kitchen, cartoons in children’s room or a football game in the living room. You can share your entire movie archive, access online TV show or movie services or watch cable TV with satellite broadcast.

With a well-organised video distribution system, you can distribute your HDMI image sources (Satellite Receivers, Apple TV, Media Players, Bluray Players and game consoles) and enjoy your favourite shows and movies with 4K HD resolution.