About Meridian 5G

Meridian 5G develops, manufactures and supports proprietary 4G / 5G technology to deliver ultra-fast, reliable and secure internet connectivity onboard superyachts, cruise ships, research vessels and river cruises.

The technology is built to accommodate various requirements unique to superyachts when it comes to 4G / 5G use including extending 4G / 5G coverage offshore up to 60 miles (covering 95% of all cruising ranges while guests are onboard), addressing fluctuating signal and overloaded networks in busy ports while roaming, and offering special data contracts for worldwide coverage.

If appropriately handled, 4G / 5G can offer a significantly faster internet connection onboard luxury vessels at prices substantially cheaper than slow, costly satellite (VSAT). As a result, our technology enables our clients to use 4G / 5G as the primary source of internet onboard, keeping an inexpensive low VSAT profile serving as a back-up for crossings and blind spots in cellular coverage.

Our technology is used by more than 500 superyachts ranging from 30 to 150+ meters, including such notable clients as motoryachts Luna, Radiant, Moonrise, Barbara, Lady Moura, IJE, Musashi, Ragnar, Elysian and many more.

We are also proud of serving research vessels, including Falkor of Schmidt Ocean Institute.