Music in every room, visuals in every room...

You can access to all content in every corner of your home from visual sources (Satellite, Blu-ray player, Apple TV, PlayStation etc..) with video distribution system management . Since you can access to all visual sources in every room, it is up to you to decide which broadcast will be show in which room by using automation smart interface.  Watch sports in your living room, cooking shows in your kitchen and movies in your cinema room.


Broadcasting music at different corners of your home will turn listening to music an enjoyable part of your home life. This means you can make wide range of selections from entry level music system in your bathroom to high-end music systems in your living room.


Also, when you group different parts of your house and create party mode, you and your guests will have amazing time on a different level.


You can combine projection, surround audio system, illumination, roller curtains and climatization in your cinema room for unique movie experience. All you need to do is select your movie and hit the play button. Projection will open, your curtains will create dim cinema mode, your movie player will turn on, your surround audio system will activate and your lights will be set. Don’t worry. When you stop playing the movie for any reason, your illumination will automatically go back to turned on state.


Dealing with all the remote controls of these devices can turn this enjoyable event into a stressful one. But with your smart remote control, you can enjoy controlling multiple devices on single remote control.


Touchscreens with user friendly interface and elegant design that fits your interior design is a chic alternative to manage everything on a single screen.


Smart remote control will enable controlling your media devices with these smart remote controls and touchscreen, collective installation by keeping all audio and video equipment in a single central system and preventing all the mess of different devices on different areas of your house as well as unorganised cables.


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