Pro-Audio Video And Light For Commercial Needs

pro audio video light

Pro systems that aim to meet corporate needs or entertainment sector needs rather than residential use and personal taste are designed differently for bar-club, restaurant-cafe or meeting-conference rooms.

In bars and clubs, in addition to active or passive pro speakers that can last long in high volume performance, power amplifiers to drive this power, subwoofers to make you hear lower frequencies as well as high-quality DJ mixers, light robots to add motion to ambience and fog and laser machines are the important components.

In restaurants and cafes, speaker and amplifier components that mainly emphasize quality rather than high volume levels are preferred. It is important to correctly position various low volume speakers to prevent audio chaos while talking in dinner and ensure equal audio distribution.

In meeting and conference rooms, moderator and delegate multi microphone systems, translation systems for simultaneous translation, equal distribution speaker for clear hearing as well as visual applications like video projection, engine-driven cinema screen, video wall and smart boards are more sophisticated systems. In digital signage, meeting management systems and image transfer systems for presentations are additional components to increase meeting efficiency.

Management of such equipments with many different pro components that operate together requires a well-operating smart home automation system and touch panel.