In addition to hospitality, offer your guests an unforgettable hotel automation experience

hospitality hotel automation

Distinguish yourself with your luxury and enjoyable hospitality offer for your quests.

The quests are welcomed with warm greetings by hotel automation as they enter their rooms. The “Welcome” scenario comes into play. The smart lights are turned on and the motorized shades are opened, music starts to play and a customized welcoming screen on TV is turned on.

With only one remote control, the quests have access to open the shades, turn on the lighting, the TV and the music, set the temperature of the room or demand valet service. Instead of an alarm clock that almost bursts your eardrums or an irritating telephone tone, they may set a “Good Morning” scenario which opens up the curtains, the lighting or the music gently.

As soon as the quest check in, the hotel automation make the PMS (Payment Management System) will indicate the room as “occupied” and the room temperature will be adjusted to an optimum level before the quests enter their rooms.

You can offer first-class hospitality service to your quests varying from system applications to door locks, card readers and mini bars by integrating them with our products.

After your quests check out, the hotel automation will adjust the lighting and the thermostats in order to avoid high energy consumption. The check-out process will start automatically when the check-out information arrives to the reception via PMS.

All the same, by just using a simple interface, you may control the lighting and the temperature in common areas which are supplementary to your hospitality service such as meeting rooms, fitness centers, restaurants, sport bars and shops. You can also manage your music system and multiple TV or projections systems, by streaming video and audio from different sources simultaneously.

Our smart home automation solutions which specialized for hospitality places are compatible with buildings at pre-construction or restoration phase or building which remain standing for a long time.