Your Home Deserves Being Smart

Smart home automation connects all devices and coordinates all the technology at your home to create intuitive, luxurious, comfortable and entertaining personal experience for you and your family.


A home with a smart home automation system means more comfort, ease and safety without thinking further on these matters. Smart home solutions will make control and management of all lightings, security, garage doors, smart locks, air-conditioning as well as home cinema system, music and many other devices easier. What is more, this system can do this automatically with smart scenarios or by thinking and deciding based on current conditions. Your curtains will be opened before sun rise. You will receive message warnings when your children get back from school. You can set the perfect lighting level for your dinner with just a single touch. Your thermostat will be adjusted to the exact temperature you need while you are being on the way from work to your home.


You can turn off the lights with single touch or audio command, broadcast quality music, adjust sound level, lock your doors and activate your safety system. And many other things you can think of.


Welcome to smarter life experience.


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