An Indispensable Part of Your Luxury Holiday

Get ready to enjoy your relieving moments with entertainment and comfort, on yachts offering an ultimate luxury holiday, far from that timesome business.


The custom-designed entertainment and automation system for each yacht is a user-friendly solution with high-developed features, when it becomes integrated with the equipments of its own and other systems that you want to control.


Besides that, it is an indispensable part of comfort and entertainment.


How? Here are some of our scenarios;


While making a joyful sunbath, smooth and relaxing music, while having a nice dinner, lounge music in the background and while you are talking with your quests or having a party, upbeat music comes into play. Different music and mode for each region or party mode for the whole party zones.


It is definitely enjoyable to set your ambient mode in tune with your choice of music. Then, what about commanding your lights with good illumination design and preset lighting scenarios at different levels of light to fulfill your life mode So, you’ll like it.


You may set the ambient with natural daylight the way you like, providing an optimum daylight positioning due to weather conditions and specific hours in a day. Or you may let your smart yacht automation system make all of these for you, adjusting it according to scenarios based on preset time and weather conditions.


You can’t imagine comfort, independent from the heat control. Owing to the thermostats, you can observe and set the ambient temperature on the touch-screen. Also it is possible to control and set the temperature as you like via your smart phone, even before you arrive your yacht.


It is really awesome to watch any movie you like in your movie library, entirely independent at your private relaxing moments in your cabin, during the last hours of the day. Every moment in a day, enjoying a movie or a video game along with the surround sound system in the main saloon is an indispensible pleasure for your child.


Using the fastest and affordable internet without any disconnection over a good wireless network system, even from any corner of your yacht offers peace and serenity in your holiday and also you will keep on being connected to the rest of the world.


If we broadcast your GPS and navigation info into your TV or touch-screen, then it will be an elegant detail, enabling you and your quests at the yacht to monitor the coordinates of the yacht and the distance to your arrival point.


The rest relies on your imagination…


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