Being Surrounded By Comfort Is Beyond Control Air-Condition

comfort control

Enjoy your personalised comfort settings with couple of touches or audio commands on your mobile devices or touchscreen.

Because comfort is climatization when you are on the road back home and arriving to a warm house at desired temperature.

Additionally, to increase energy efficiency, you can create comfort scenarios for different time schedules, external temperature sensor and internal environment sensor that are sensitive to live presence at home. You can also include smart lighting and your motorized shades to these scenarios.

You can manage your pool and SPA via mobile interface. You can set temperature of these and start pool engines.

You can turn on your fireplace with audio commands and without even moving from your comfortable coach. You can program garden watering system to work according to weather conditions.

You can integrate your smart home automation system to control and see current heating and cooling systems such as heat pump, solar energy, VRV-VRF, fan-coil, air-conditioning and geothermal.